Wednesday, 15 August 2018

I choose again. I choose love. I choose the yellow car.

So much has happened for me in the past week, most of which I won’t write about, however, this lovely angel card came up in a group I’m in:

It struck me that this is very powerful for all of us in almost all areas of life.  We can choose any area of our life and reverse the patterns any time we choose.

In times of high change or uncertainty, when new things are coming in and replacing what has gone before, being aware of our own past choices is very useful and seeing where we have chosen the fearful option.

Just knowing that we can change anything, any time about ourselves and our lives is so powerful.
We can choose again – and choose love.

A new car

This can be seen in practical examples – even in getting a new car.  I chose a new car this week.  The old one broke down and something told me to remove all my belongings from the car before it went to the garage, like I knew it wasn’t coming back.

Last time I chose a car, it came off the back of lots of confusion and a series of irritating events.  The garage had sent the wrong colour car, so I chose another and when it arrived it was badly scuffed.  I was losing patience with the garage.  Rather than going somewhere else I haggled for a better deal with more money off as recompense for their incompetence.  None of it felt right.

In the end I went for a sensible choice and I’ve been driving round for the past 3 years in a slow dumb cumbersome beast of a thing that would more suit an old man.  I went for a second-hand car thinking I’d never afford a new one and tried to make a sensible choice with a big boot so I could fit in all the children’s things.  It was the furthest thing from fun to drive and has racked up many additional costs along the way.  That’s what came from my place of fear.

This week, I chose a car that I loved.  It’s brand new, it’s zippy, it’s funky, it’s economical, it’s fun and guess what else?

It’s bright yellow, my favourite colour.

I chose again.  I chose love.

I hope someone will choose my old car from a place of love.

Where do you need to choose again this week?  Where can you choose love?