Sunday, 4 November 2018

The Daffodil

My childhood favourite flower
Bright yellow, bouncy
Bell shaped

She danced new beginnings
Arose with the Spring
Ushered in breaths of hope
Swaying joyfully in the daylight

She burnt brightly
But couldn’t stay long
It was not meant to be
Nourishment couldn’t sustain

She withered and faded
Bowed her drooped head down low
Submitted to nature
Trusting in the sky and earth
And God’s perfect creation
She lay in the ground

Her light-bulb never went out
The unseen energy source

The roots they’d laid together
Merged in the same earth
Interlocked underground
Took stronghold in the dark night

Her bulb’s inward eye remembered
The fluttering breeze
Dancing gaily with her crowd
She built her restorative energy
In the long winter of her soul-bulb

She splits and is planted anew
Rarely too far from home
At exactly the right moment
The population grows
It is time for her flower to dance again

Next spring, in time for Mother’s Day
A gift from Mother Earth
Before Easter she will awaken
The Resurrection’s eternal reminder
I shall rise again