Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Goodbye 2018 and thank you for a year of writing

Almost everyone I know has had a tough year in 2018, which makes it difficult to say that for me, 2018 was one of the most enjoyable and transformational years of my life.  That’s not to say things have been easy.  If my year was easy or otherwise unremarkable, I wouldn’t recognise it as being my life.

2018 held the vibration of 11 which is a master number: there are always challenges to be faced with a master number but as a life-path 22 only just stepping into my truth, the 11 suited me well.

Not much has changed from the outside, but profound shifts have taken place within.  By orientating from within not without, my reactions to external events have noticeably shifted.  Perhaps that’s what happens when you set your intentions for the year based on Emily Bronte.

Thank you 

I’d like to thank every reader for following along, reading my blogs and for being involved, whether we’ve been in contact or not.  There have certainly been some interesting chats and discussions, mainly private, as a result of some of the things I’ve posted.

Your own truth

No matter how small you start, no matter how insignificant you think your message is, no matter how others criticise or want to make you wrong, when you stand strong in your own truth and your own voice it can’t help but empower others to do the same.

People still come to me baffled, aghast and disbelieving, asking why I’m writing and publishing so much personal information!  Let me answer.

Where did this come from?

During 2016 and 2017 over and over I kept giving the same advice to my social media clients: it doesn’t matter the current impact of your name or the size of your following.  What matters is that you find the right words, tone and images that most truthfully convey who you really are at your core.
Whether you’re an individual or business, the same principle applies.  You know truth when you see, hear or read it because it feels good.  Stick to your values and communicate what matters most to you.  There is zero point in publishing anything inauthentic although sometimes I think social media will burst with it.

When you stay true to your own voice and passions, the right people will magnetise to you.  This is just how it works.  Quality over quantity, always, and if you need to say something that feels outside the norm, that’s not only okay, it’s necessary.

Then came my own voice

What I hadn’t realised is that in 2018 I would use this same advice for my personal writing and start to communicate some of my pet themes: recovery from abuse, empowerment of women and developing spiritual awareness.

No matter how small and insignificant you find your own stories to be, I promise you they are valuable to someone.  We are all equal and we are all connected.  When you find the courage to step up and honour yourself even in small ways, you honour everyone else.

I didn’t concern myself too much with my audience, more on connecting with what I really wanted to produce.  So I try to connect with, “what feels like the right thing to write about – for me?”  What do I really want to share?  I held strong the belief that even if my blog is only read by one person then I reached that one person and it would have been worth it.  As it is I can't believe the number of hits this blog gets and from various parts of the world.  Hello!! And thank you again :) 

Instead, what happened without actively trying, was increasing numbers of individuals who held significance and meaning for me, gravitated into my life.  In particular, my writing about abuse has brought me into contact with a number of incredibly brave people who have shared their own confidential and heart-breaking stories with me.  I thank every one of them for trusting me with what some have barely uttered to others.

Little ripples can turn into big waves.

Life writing

Even more surprisingly, I’ve been staggered and flattered to be contacted by writers (people who do this for a living!) asking me how I “got into” life writing and can I give them tips on getting started with it?  Umm...

The answer is it’s just a stream of consciousness, one that flows in from above my head, percolates through my brain and flows out through the tap of my fingers on the keyboard.   Some of it has been stuck inside me for too long.  I've worn silence like a shroud all my life and slowly, that cloak is falling away.

Allowing the space for the right message to flow through is important, and writing is usually a cathartic process otherwise it remains unfinished and unpublished.

Once it’s done, the difficulty is always finding the courage to press publish.  The more people press publish on their authentic life, the more we give others the permission to tell their stories.  The highly sensitive, the vulnerable, the downtrodden - I want to hear from them.  I want to know the magic inside and help them find the reverse side of their pain, stepping into the beauty of a new truth.  There is courage and strength in vulnerability.


The purpose of me starting a blog was to practice.  To practice writing, yes, but moreover to practice the courage of telling my story.  To create something from nothing that was my own little space saying what I wanted to say.

As family and friends have guessed in frustration, there’s a whole raft of information that I’m still withholding, that is set to come out.  The cloak is heavy and can't be removed all at once.  All in good time.  Some of it is being poured into books and having a blog often helps organise my thoughts.  Thanks for being there for the start of this journey.

To all the people who have contacted me this year and shared their powerful, incredible, often heart-breaking stories, thank you for trusting me enough to be the recipient of your truth.  I hope the things I said in return were enough.  It is my greatest wish that you will know yourself fully and see yourself in your most magnificent light.

Your own story

The magic starts inside every one of us, when we realise the full power and truth of the wonderful creation that we each are.  I know my writing often comes over juvenile, basic and unsophisticated.  Sometimes the topics may be banal, sometimes the writing is rushed.

I suspend judgement on myself.

Thank you for every single person who has made even one positive comment towards me this year – all of your kindness has made me happier than you can know.