Thursday, 1 August 2019

Book Review of “Co-creating at its best: a conversation between master teachers”

This book is a transcript of a conversation in front of an audience in 2014 between two spiritual teachers of our time, Dr Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks of Abraham Hicks fame.

For those unfamiliar with Esther’s work (along with her now late husband Jerry) a small introduction to “Abraham” may be needed.  If you haven’t already read one of the Abraham Hicks books such as Ask and It Is Given, I’d highly recommend that first so that you understand Esther is channelling thought blocks from a group of Ascended Masters who go by the name of Abraham and get to grips with some of the content.

Having said that, the knowledge contained in this book ought to be fairly straightforward to understand.

The channelling of Abraham doesn’t come across weird at all when Esther is talking.  There is very little separation in time between the thought blocks that arrive from Abraham and Esther’s verbal communication.  I listened to the audio version on Audible and found it highly engaging.

I hadn’t previously read anything by Dr Wayne Dyer (he passed from this life in August 2015) although I know many people consider him to be a great spiritual teacher.  I found him to be so warm, touching, human and his approach grounded and sensitive.  The topics they discussed were interesting and a soothing reminder of the loving way in which the universe works.

The format is that Dr Dyer asks questions and Abraham answers.  I found the section on news and politics informative with interesting perspectives.  Essentially, if everyone got on their high flying discs (raised their vibration, got aligned with source) and told the world about it, we’d be in a much better place than we are now.  They’re not wrong!

It’s a pleasant and in places illuminating conversation that serves up gentle, loving reminders on life.  I guess if you’re living a spiritual life in your whole life’s work and career then the language used here will be easy to understand and natural to digest.  For readers like me immersed in a more mundane and regular life with exposure to less pleasant world views and language, listening to these perspectives offers a reminder of a kinder, truer, more loving and accepting way to live life.

I have heard that some people can get hung up about the notion of Abraham and resist the concept, however, in the audio version I listened to the conversation is very natural and flowing as though two people, Esther and Wayne, are just conversing normally. I hope that their messages reach out to ever growing audiences as more people awaken.

Book description from Amazon

What happens when you bring together one of the most inspirational spiritual teachers of all time and the Master Sages of the Universe? A magical, insightful, invigorating encounter you will never forget! In this awe-inspiring book based on a live event in Anaheim, California, Dr Wayne W. Dyer sits down with Esther Hicks and the wise Collective Consciousness known as Abraham. Wayne asks all the questions he has accumulated from his more than 40 years of teaching others about self-reliance and self-discovery and Abraham delivers the answers we all need to hear. While Wayne and Esther have been friends for years, this is the first time that he engages with Abraham in an extended dialogue about life's many lessons and perplexing questions. Read this book and experience this extraordinary meeting of the minds for yourself!